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Foot Care Experience

Through the aging process, each individual faces their own unique challenges with regard to their feet, many of which may require the help of a professional Foot Care Nurse capable of aiding and monitoring these issues over time with their knowledge and expertise.

The culture change taking place throughout the long-term care industry suggests that residents are treated as members of our community and not so much as patients. In this spirit, we have groomed our service to be a refreshing interlude and anticipated activity to enhance a sense of community.

Our nurses at iB Foot Care implement the four priorities of Foot Care which are Assessment, Intervention, Education and Referral. Nursing foot care is well defined and includes a foot and lower extremity assessment, foot hygiene, nail care which includes debridement, cutting and filing of misshapen and thickened nails, skin care for corns and calluses, foot health education and referrals as needed and finishing the treatment with a gentle moisturizer massage.

We are pleased to provide this service to all seniors, members of senior communities and residents of any facility in the valley, and the nurses at iB Foot Care are dedicated to raising awareness of Foot Care as it relates to healthy happy living.

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