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Specialty Footcare

For a variety of reasons, foot problems tend to arise as we age. Taking care and conducting routine self-care of our feet becomes more difficult as we get less flexible and cannot reach our toes any longer, develop vision impairment or other medical issues. 
We at iB Foot Care are pleased to offer one of a kind foot care to the seniors of Utah as we provide this service with a different and fun approach. Our goal is to turn a necessary medical intervention into an anticipated social activity that enhances the sense of community. 
Each client will receive medical grade professional foot care, which is performed by a RN. During the visit, each client will receive:
  • Foot assessment to identify disease-specific problems or potential issues
  • Trimming of long and/or thick toenails, reducing of callouses and corns 
  • Relaxing and gentle touch foot massage to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage
We offer our service for private In-Home Visits, Adult Family Homes, Independent Senior Living- , Memory Care - and Assisted Living Facilities.
Our fee is $75 for a private in-home visit or $45 for two or more residents on the same visit or facility.
Please contact us today to schedule your appointment 
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